Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well...We had our conference call yesterday and pretty much were told what we already knew. There are NO GUARANTEES. At the beginning of the week there was a post by officials saying that they were warning people and agencies from starting any new adoptions. This has set a lot of people in a bit of a panic, including us.
We knew that with adoption there are never any guarantees and so we are just trying to wait this whole thing out and see what happens. We are trusting that God is in control and if it is HIS will we will be granted our little guy soon. We could certainly use your prayers throughout all of this. We do know that the MOU will not be renewed but will need to be rewritten so that it will become a completely new MOU. The MOU now will expire Sept. 1, 2008. We will be having an individual conference call within the next couple of weeks. I think this will be to discuss any of our concerns and options. What we(Don and I) have decided at this time is to just wait and see.

On a happier note...we are going out of town this weekend. Emilie is spending the weekend with grandparents and Randy is going to hang out with his Aunt and Uncle. We are taking Tifanie with us so that we can spend a little time alone with her. She works a lot so she misses out on going with us quite a bit. I think we are all looking forward to it. Don will be in meetings (National Guard) all day Sat. so Tifanie and I will have to keep ourselves busy. HMMM...I am thinking some shopping is in order!! :)

Thanks so much for all of your support and prayers.

Until later...

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well...we survived having extra little ones in our home for a few days. Actually, we REALLY enjoyed having them. It has been 9 years since we have had a little one in our home. The baby was a dream!! She slept very well and was so fun to hold and cuddle and talk to. When we were looking at her sleeping in the crib Donald said it was nice to see a little one in there. We both then wished it was our little guy, though. The little boy was quite busy! I forgot how much energy they have. He really reminded me of our son when he was 3. He loves spiderman so he and Donald played spiderman and were wrestling on the floor. Then they started playing football...IN THE HOUSE!!! I am thinking I better do some baby AND Daddy proofing before our little guy arrives.

Sadie and Lacie , our dogs, were jealous of them. They would try and get in between us and the kids. It was funny. They will have an adjustment, also.

My son helped me add a couple of things from U-tube. We are both so headstrong that it took us awhile to get it figured out. After I finally got him to listen to me, he said "Why didn't you tell me that earlier?!" UUUGH!!!!! :)

A bit of sad news: After 11 years of faithful companionship our dog Lucky is no longer with us. He was a bird dog. It appears that this winter was just too much for him. He really had not been doing well since last year but we were not ready to let go. We are very sad but know that he is in a better place and no longer suffering.

Adoption news: NOTHING...BUT GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! We do have our meeting this week. Pray for news that is NEW!! We are still praying that we will have our little guy in 2008.

Until Later...

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


SO..Yesterday I had a procedure called an egd done. They discovered that I have a hiatal hernia. Now I am on a different medication that will hopefully make it go away so that I will not have to have surgery. I also have to change a few of my eating and drinking habits!! NO FUN!!!! I guess caffeine is out. I don't drink much soda anymore but I love my tea!! I usually drink decaffeinated at home but when we go out to dinner I am sure it is not decaffeinated. And to my dismay, it also includes chocolate!! :( BUT I, obviously, want to have all of this gone before we are traveling to Vietnam for our little guy. SO...I will behave and do what I am supposed to do!!

FUN NEWS: We get to watch a baby girl and 3 yr old boy for the next few days and nights. It will give us a little practice having small ones in the house again. Donald even took time off to be here. I am sure we will have a lot of fun. I will let you know how it goes!!

ADOPTION NEWS: There is really nothing going on. We have heard no updates from our agency BUT we do have another group conference call on the 30th of Jan. I hope it will be good news. We know that God is in control and we pray that our little guy will be here in 2008!

Until later...

Friday, January 11, 2008


WOO-HOO!!! The kids are back in school. I have not been feeling the greatest this week so I am certainly glad that they are back in school. I think they were ready to go back also.

Tifanie only has about 5 months of school left. She is in a nursing vo-tech program and yesterday she left here wearing her scrubs. She looked so professional that it almost broke my heart!! My baby girl has become such a lovely young women. UUGH!! I am beginning to get those weepy moments. I remember something she did as a toddler and then all I want to do is cry!! I think it is going to be a long 5 months for me!!

No news on the adoption. I have been reading lots of other blogs and things from USCIS. I wish things sounded more positive. BUT I do keep praying and know that God is in control no matter what the outcome. We do have another group conference call with our agency the week of Jan 28th. Please pray for good news!! For those who do not know, we do have a name picked out. We are going to name him Elijah. This name came from a dream I had 3 years ago when we first began talking seriously about adopting.

For those who have already sent fabric and good wishes for the quilt: Thank you so much!! It warms our hearts to know that our little guy is already loved by so many!!

Hope you are enjoying your start to 2008!!
God Bless,

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


On Jan. 1, 1993, Our year began with a BANG!!! Our 2nd blessing entered this world at 12:29 am weighing 5 lbs 15 oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. I still remember how the nurses called Randy "tall Paul". He was long and skinny. He loves to hear the story of how the first time I held him I called him a troll and I didn't think he was very cute!! He had a cone head and flaming red hair.

Looking back over the last 15 years I know what a cutie he really is! The Lord blessed us with such a loving tender hearted boy. He loves to pick at his sisters but would be the first to defend them if someone tried to hurt them. He has brought so much joy into our lives and I am so thankful that God blessed us with him. I know that Randy is headed for great things.

We are hoping and praying that God will bless us with another baby boy in 2008. It will be a busy year for us. Tifanie will graduate May 27th on our 19th wedding anniversary. I will be busy preparing for that for a few months. I am sure I will be a mess the closer it gets. It will be hard to let go.

I wish for all of you a wonderful and blessed 2008. Please know that you are all appreciated, loved and most of all prayed for!!


Tina and Don