Friday, January 11, 2008


WOO-HOO!!! The kids are back in school. I have not been feeling the greatest this week so I am certainly glad that they are back in school. I think they were ready to go back also.

Tifanie only has about 5 months of school left. She is in a nursing vo-tech program and yesterday she left here wearing her scrubs. She looked so professional that it almost broke my heart!! My baby girl has become such a lovely young women. UUGH!! I am beginning to get those weepy moments. I remember something she did as a toddler and then all I want to do is cry!! I think it is going to be a long 5 months for me!!

No news on the adoption. I have been reading lots of other blogs and things from USCIS. I wish things sounded more positive. BUT I do keep praying and know that God is in control no matter what the outcome. We do have another group conference call with our agency the week of Jan 28th. Please pray for good news!! For those who do not know, we do have a name picked out. We are going to name him Elijah. This name came from a dream I had 3 years ago when we first began talking seriously about adopting.

For those who have already sent fabric and good wishes for the quilt: Thank you so much!! It warms our hearts to know that our little guy is already loved by so many!!

Hope you are enjoying your start to 2008!!
God Bless,

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