Friday, October 31, 2008


We have survived our first week of waiting. :) I know we have a lot of weeks to go but it will be fun to keep track. We have decided to have a little contest with our family and friends on who can guess the referral date. We have a huge 2009 calendar hanging in our dining area. It will be fun to see who is closest.


Tonight I will be taking my little tiger out for trick or treating. Emilie wanted to be a white tiger but since I can not sew and could not find white sweat pants to paint we ended up with a regular tiger costume. She looks cute in it. I don't allow the scary costumes so she is usually pretty good about getting a fun costume. I also do not do much decorating for Halloween but I put fall things around. The kids get frustrated with me but it is just a preference. I am not big on the evil side of it. The kids laugh about it but I think they understand me. The older ones go to Haunted Houses but there is no way you could pay me to go in one!

I had to take Randy to the DR this morning. They are thinking mono or strep!! UUGH-- We should know by tomorrow if it is mono and by Tues if it is strep. We have dealt with mono before. Our older daughter had it a few years ago. The bad thing is tonight could be their last football game and he can not go to it.

Well...Hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. Have a great weekend!

Until later~

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