Monday, October 20, 2008

GETTING BACK TO NORMAL... our little one that we were watching went home. We had her in our home for 4.5 weeks so to say that we will miss her is an understatement!! It has been a joy watching her learn and grow over the last month. She now blows kisses and says a few things to us. I loved rocking her to sleep and watching her sleep in our little guy's crib. We will see her often but will always cherish the time she spent with us.

We also survived our trip to Kentucky. It was a long hard trip. I did well until I got to the visitation and then I lost it a bit. It was tough to think that she was no longer going to write me letters or send me news clippings. I am saddened by the fact that our little guy will not have his own handmade afghan or quilt made by her. We have several so he will sleep with one I am sure but they belong to our other children. We did get some pieces of fabric before she passed away for a patchwork quilt that we are having made for him. She taught my kids the funniest little finger plays that I am sure they will pass on to their little brother.

We will hopefully hear something by the end of this week from our agency that we are officially on the list. Our 2 weeks will be Thurs. Please pray that we will hear soon.

Until later~

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