Thursday, October 9, 2008


I just received an email saying that our paperwork is off to Washington DC today. YEAH!!! It was a really cool email just letting us know and letting us know that our consultant will email us as soon as it is back. I am sure it is just a basic email statement sent to everyone at that point BUT it is major communication for us. We never got that from the other agency. Once our dossier was in country they did let us know a few days later. I love our new agency!! So we are about 2 weeks away from being official waiters.

Yesterday my hubby and I went to the movies for a little "us" time. We were wanting to see the movie FIREPROOF before it was no longer playing. What an amazing movie about marriage. I told him afterwards that I think it should be a requirement during marriage counseling! It was a low budget movie but it had several big lessons! What did I learn watching the movie?? I learned that I have an amazing husband. He is not perfect...but he is a good man and loves God and he loves me and our children. He brings me an iced tea almost everyday. (my favorite drink) He would do just about anything to make me happy (if it is in his power!) He has been amazing through out this adoption process! I thank God for him everyday. He puts up with a lot from me and as I have said to him several times...if you had known what you were getting into 19+ years ago you would have ran! He doesn't think so. I am sure I don't thank him near enough for all he does for us and for just loving us! So...I love you Donald very much and thanks for all you do for our family. You will always have my heart!!!

SO Until later...

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Meg DeZutti said...

YEAH!!!! WOOOOO-HOOOO!! Can you hear that Tina? I'm practically doing back-flips for you guys. So excited you are 1 step closer to the wait-list!
I hope Don reads this post so he knows how much you love & appreciate him! (although I still don't believe you have been married 19 years or that those grown teenagers are anything but your siblings!!)