Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have been anxiously waiting to take Elijah to see Santa. I knew I could not take him alone because someone would have to chase while the other stood in line. Plus, both of us wanted to be a part of the 1st Santa experience.

**Elijah walking into the mall to get in line for Santa! He was on a mission...
**Seeing Santa. He did fine walking up to him and he said "HI Santa...then he babbled something and said "tree" and then said "car and cruck" were things he wanted. THEN Mommy put him on Santa's lap! At first he cried then he just got his serious "I am not comfortable with this" face on. They snapped the pic and he got his candy cane said "cank u" and BYE!
**After all of that he needed a drink and to get out of there! Another mission...
**The Santa experience just took it all out of him! He fell asleep about 2 minutes after we got him in the car!
Praying you are all enjoying your season of CHRISTmas!

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