Saturday, December 11, 2010


We have been busy this week with some fun things and some not so fun things. Earlier in the week we were preparing for ANOTHER homevisit (our second) just for the re-adoption. Long story really but made simple by the fact that the adoption judge here in our county is very picky about some things and not so happy about you using a "friend" lawyer. Her clerk is also new so things did not happen as they should have. Quite interesting really! Anyway...with that under our belt we now have a court date for Dec 17 for our re-adoption (it only took about 5 months to get this done!) We are pleased to get it finished and move on to the next round of paperwork for citizenship. Elijah was his cute adorable self during the meeting, of course. We told her he is a huge people person.
We made some Christmas ornaments this week. Heidi was here and I had promised her and Em we would get them done. I wanted to make some with our very cool Africa cookie cutter. My house smelled of cinnamon for awhile but it was fun to see them working hard on them. Elijah made an Africa one with his thumb print in the place of Ethiopia. Something I hope we can treasure for a long time!
Friday we spent the day baking for the Holidays. I usually get this done earlier in Dec but we just did not have any openings PLUS I still have a lot to do. My friend, Debra and I like to get together and get it done. We made banana bread, pumpkin bread, peanut butter balls, haystacks, oreo balls, pressed cookies, and choc covered pretzels. YUMMY!! Tifanie joined in on the fun as did Elijah. I still have some to do but we got a great start to it.
We are enjoying the Christmas season very much here. It is fun to see it through a toddler's eyes again! He loves SANTA but has yet to see him in person. That is coming this week. I am excited to see what his reaction will be.
Hope you are enjoying the season!!
***Making his ornament
***After enjoying some powdered donuts

***He loves to cover his head with blankets and this time he got my table cloth and was roaring at everyone
***Rolling peanut butter balls with Sissy

***Baking with Mommy

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