Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have noticed in the last few weeks that Elijah is getting more weary of strangers or people he does not know well. He will hold more tightly to me or will whine/cry in certain situations. When we first came home he would go to everyone with a smile on his face but now he looks for us more. The thing that made me realize this is, we were at my brother's for a bbq this past weekend. He was playing chase with Aunt Amanda and when he came through one doorway there was a guy that he did not know. He stopped, eyed the guy, then turned to Aunt Amanda and started to cry. Then he did a quick look around the room and as soon as he saw me he smiled and walked over to me. I hate to hear or see him cry but I am glad he is getting a little stranger anxiety. That is a good sign for attachment.
He is becoming quite the toddler. He is trying to run now and it is so much fun to watch. His favorite game is to play chase. We will get on the floor and say, "We're going to get you," and he takes off giggling. LOVE IT!!! He is not talking much still. He says Ma and Dadda, we think he is saying Em, he can say bye and hi. If you tell him to say hello he will put his hand to his ear like a phone. :) Too cute!
Today he is not feeling very well. He has been running a temp since yesterday so I took him to the Dr since he has only been off meds for a week for ear infections. The Dr said his ears were clear but his throat was a little inflamed. She did a rapid strep that came back negative but they are sending off a culture just in case.
Thought I would post recent pics that we took. Hope you enjoy... Taking a walk outside.
We found him asleep like this the other night.
At the Memorial Day service/dedication.
This was taken right before we went and got his 1 yr pics taken.
Have a great weekend!

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He is so adorable!!!