Sunday, July 29, 2007

Paperwork is sent!!

Well...we mailed in ALL of the final paperwork needed for our dossier. As long as everything is done correctly,we are about on the last stages of our journey. This will be the hardest part, though. Once all of the paperwork gets in Vietnam we will just be waiting for the referral. There is really no set time when that will come so we will just have to be patient and trust in God's timing!!!

We just arrived home from our last summer getaway! We spent a few days in Eureka Springs at a place called Spider Creek. We all enjoyed our time away and had fun on our little canoe trip. I even fell out of the canoe at the end!! Emilie thought it was quite funny. I wasn't really laughing about it!!

The kids will be back in school in just a few weeks and we plan on working on the baby's room and getting things organized for when we will be traveling to Vietnam. We are very excited about traveling but I am very nervous about leaving the other kids. We have great friends and family that are taking on the kids. GOD BLESS THEM!!!

Until later...


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