Friday, July 6, 2007

4th of July!!

Well, I think we have recooperated from the 4th of July activities. We only had a few minor injuries and of course those were the "BIG" kid!! Don loves the 4th. I think it is one of his favorite holidays. He loves to tell stories about his friends and Dad shooting bottle rockets at each other. Yes, I know--this is very unsafe and I try to remind them of this!!!

We went to the farm to shoot our fireworks. (Mammy and Grandpa's) Although, everyone else in our neighborhood shoots them here, it is still illegal,so we head to the farm. We had a great time. Our friends, Debra and Trey went along with us. We also had the boyfriend and the girlfriend!! I think they all had a good time.

We helped at the North American Christian Convention yesterday. We went on the field trip to Paradise Park. Don had a small group of 4 or 5 (Emilie went back and forth between us) and he got the wild boys. We were very tired last night, especially Don as he had not had any sleep for a few days. Emilie did make a friend from California. She was very excited.

We are still waiting on our I-171H. It has been 29 days so we are praying it arrives very soon. I would be so happy if it is here within this next week. The guys leave on the 13th for a Boy Scout High Adventure in Minnesota and will be gone until the 22nd. But...God is in control and we will follow His plan for us!!

So...until later...


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debra said...

thanks so much for letting us come with you to celebrate the 4th. we really had a great time. it was fun watching the kids (don included) throw fireworks at each other and the show after dark. casey really enjoyed actually getting to light some herself.

we are praying that your I-171H arrives soon and that you KEEP THE FAITH.

thanks for the updates.