Saturday, April 2, 2011

CATCHING UP! has been awhile since I posted anything. Our lives seem to get busier as the months go. We have celebrated Elijah's first year home, His dedication, had fun playing outside and went and seen Toy Story on Ice. For his one year celebration we decided to go to the Great Wolf Lodge as a family. It was wonderful and the kids really enjoyed it. It was nice to spend time just us. Elijah LOVES the water so much that we have enrolled him in swim lessons. This helps Mom not panic as much. The boy thinks he can swim on his own already! The instructor says it will not be long since he is already trying to doggie paddle on his own. We had his baby dedication at Church. I know he has been home a year but we had a hard time trying to find a date that fit and finally we just decided to get it done with or without everyone. His grandparents were able to attend and be a part of it, which was great! Elijah was done after about 2 minutes. It is hard to keep a toddler still! We had a small window of great weather a few weeks ago so we spent as much time as possible outside. Elijah loves bubbles so we purchased a bubble gun for him to play with. it didn't work very well but he enjoyed walking around with it and saying BANG BANG. A wonderful thing his Sissy taught him. Elijah loves Toy Story. His favorites are 1 and 2. When we saw that Toy Story on Ice was coming to KC we knew we had to take him. He did great and was so very excited to see it. In the first few minutes he kept saying "Look Mommy...See!" He did so well just sitting and watching. He only got antsy a couple of times and it only last a minute or two and then he was staring again. Well worth the money spent to take him. Emilie said she even enjoyed it...which is really big for a almost teenager! Other things we are preparing for: Well...Elijah's bday party is coming up. We moved it up to the end of April because May is so full. We are planning a fun Toy Story party. Randy graduates in May and the guys are going on a little trip to celebrate. 4 Dads and and 4 young men returning to where they did their high adventure a few years ago. They are all looking forward to it. It looks like Don and Randy are both leaving on the same day. Don is headed to another year overseas and Randy will leave for basic training. The beginning of Aug will be difficult for all of us. I am dreading it already but going to enjoy these few months I have! =) Elijah is learning and growing. he is now in mostly 24 months with some 18 month pants still (little short legs). He weighs almost 29 lbs. He is now counting to 15 and can sing the abc song. I love the way he says w. (guddlgu) He is beginning to count objects and is a commercial junkie! He can repeat way too many commercial for you! AND I promise he does not sit in front of a tv all day. He has just begun with the imaginative play. I have loved just watching all of my kids do this. He will pretend talk like Buzz or other little toys. SO CUTE! Well...catching up takes too long. I must try to do better and posting! Hope everyone is doing well! God Bless, Tina Baby dedication 2/20/11
Celebrating One year home at GWL hanging out with Bubby
At Toy Story on Ice!
Making Daddy his tunnel slide... He climbed up and made Daddy put his hands on his head then proceeded to climb through and slide down him. =)

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