Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Today is our final post placement visit. It will be nice to have this out of the way, although we are still required to send a notarized report yearly until he is 18. The good thing is we can do that on our own. AND we are happy to do it! I love sharing how much he has grown and all of things he is learning! It amazes us to look at pics we have sent at 3, 6 and now 12 months. He has changed so much. He is becoming a little boy and leaving that baby look far behind. (which makes me sad!)
I love watching his personality shine. He is such a people person. I always say he needs his "peeps". He loves to show off and get people to clap for him. I lvoe watching how quickly he picks up on things. He is working on counting to 15 now. He has to 10 down so we figured we might as well keep going. He can sing most of the abc song and loves his vtech alphabet toy. He LOVES to sing songs and to dance. He got 2 drum sets for Christmas and plays them all the time. We think he will be a drummer. He is putting words together now. I was folding laundry the other day and he climbed up on my bed and pointed to a pair of pants and said "this is Daddy's". My favorite is "cup all gone" it is so much better than him yelling GWINK!
Here are a few pics...

Sharing a chicken salad with Daddy!
Our little drummer


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