Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The other night Don took Elijah out to help him water the garden and other plants/flowers. He just watched from the deck while Don watered the garden. After he was finished he took Elijah to the front of the house to water the bushes and our flowers. There he began trying to help Don with the hose so Don just let him have it. He LOVED it. He would water a bit and then play in the water. Here are a few pics we got of him. He was NOT a happy boy when I brought him inside. He threw the biggest fit I have ever seen him throw. He was MAD!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


*Our family +Broch (Tifanie's boyfriend)
*Emilie tubing
*Don and Tifanie
*Randy teaching Elijah to fish
*Mommy and Elijah relaxing in the lake
*Randy on the waverunner
*Mommy and Elijah on the boat*
We just returned home from our first family vacation with Elijah. We had a wonderful time at the lake. All of us enjoyed swimming and just lazing around in the lake. We found out that Elijah LOVES the water. Don would hold him on his belly and he would kick his legs and wave and splash his arms in the water then dunk his face in. He didn't care for his floaty very much. It was too confining for him.
I enjoyed watching all of my kids hang out with each other and enjoy each other's company. Don't get me wrong, by the end of the week, they were getting a little edgy with one another but for the most part it was all good.
We rented a boat one day, a paddle boat (UUGH too much work!), and a wave runner one day. We took one day and shopped at the outlet mall and one day we went and played miniature golf. I think the kids had a good time and I know Mom and Dad did.
This may be our last family vacation with all of our kids. Randy is joining the army and may be gone by summer next year. The guys are planning a big fishing vacation before he leaves. It is a father-son trip. Anyway, I tried to enjoy every minute with all of them this year! :)
We also celebrated 4 months home with Elijah on the 21st AND Tifanie's 20th birthday on the 20th.
Life is good and we are certainly blessed in the Hubbard house!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


YES...Our precious boy is now 13 months old! He had his 1yr check up today since he is still trying to get caught up on shots so we had to space it out enough between the last visit and this one. Anyway... He is a growing boy! He weighs 21.9 lbs and is 30 inches long. He is 25% for weight and 50% for length. He goes back in 2 months for a check up and next round of shots.
Elijah is still not talking much. He says a few things like: bye, Ma, Dada. He signs: more, hi, bye, working on please and cup. He jabbers like you should know exactly what he is saying! He is drinking whole milk and still has 2 bottles a day. His absolute favorite food is yogurt and ice cream sandwiches. He will chase you down if he sees you with either. TOO FUNNY! He is eating all table food now. I love watching him experience new foods. The other day he had fresh pineapple for the first time and he could not get enough of it!
Elijah is a busy boy. He plays hard all the time. He loves to climb, play wrestle and play chase. He knows when Don is getting ready to go bye and bye and starts fussing to go with him. He LOVES his Dada. We are certainly loving every minute with him. He makes me laugh all the time! He has started enjoying reading books. He will sit in his chair and jabber away like he was really reading. Emilie loves to read to him and he will sit with her for about half a book most of the time.
We are leaving for vacation this Saturday. I am so looking forward to our family vacation with our newest member. I hope Elijah enjoys the lake as much as our other kids do. I will take lots of pics to share.
Here are few other pics:
**Em and Elijah after getting their vacation hair cuts.
**preparing to read a book.
Have a wonderful day! **Please pray for the families that are traveling to get their kiddos this weekend.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have noticed in the last few weeks that Elijah is getting more weary of strangers or people he does not know well. He will hold more tightly to me or will whine/cry in certain situations. When we first came home he would go to everyone with a smile on his face but now he looks for us more. The thing that made me realize this is, we were at my brother's for a bbq this past weekend. He was playing chase with Aunt Amanda and when he came through one doorway there was a guy that he did not know. He stopped, eyed the guy, then turned to Aunt Amanda and started to cry. Then he did a quick look around the room and as soon as he saw me he smiled and walked over to me. I hate to hear or see him cry but I am glad he is getting a little stranger anxiety. That is a good sign for attachment.
He is becoming quite the toddler. He is trying to run now and it is so much fun to watch. His favorite game is to play chase. We will get on the floor and say, "We're going to get you," and he takes off giggling. LOVE IT!!! He is not talking much still. He says Ma and Dadda, we think he is saying Em, he can say bye and hi. If you tell him to say hello he will put his hand to his ear like a phone. :) Too cute!
Today he is not feeling very well. He has been running a temp since yesterday so I took him to the Dr since he has only been off meds for a week for ear infections. The Dr said his ears were clear but his throat was a little inflamed. She did a rapid strep that came back negative but they are sending off a culture just in case.
Thought I would post recent pics that we took. Hope you enjoy... Taking a walk outside.
We found him asleep like this the other night.
At the Memorial Day service/dedication.
This was taken right before we went and got his 1 yr pics taken.
Have a great weekend!