Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How quickly time flies when you have children! I was told this several times when I first gave birth to Tifanie but at 19 yrs old...it did not sink in! Now at almost 40, and with Tifanie 20 and Randy almost 18, I am wishing I had listened to them a little more.
When Randy was about 8 yrs old he assured me that one day he WOULD be a soldier like his Daddy! He would protect and serve our country and us just like he watched his Dad doing. He assured me he would be ready to go anywhere when he was told to. He was 8 so I said to him...Ok honey! That would make Daddy and I very proud. Well...as the years have passed my boy turned into a young man and the whole time he never waivered on what it was he was going to do with his life...the only uncertainty was WHAT his job in the Army would be. SO...on Friday Oct 15, 2010 we watched our son make his dream a reality. He was sworn in to serve our Country just as his Dad has done for 22 yrs and his grandpas had done before him. As scared as I was at that moment, this Mom could not have been more proud! The older Randy gets the more I see his Dad in him and that could never be a bad thing!
SO...As Randy counts down the months until he "gets" to leave and start his career, this Mom is going to hold on just a little tighter as she counts down the months until she "has" to let go and let him fly.


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